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Chatham Home Rentals    Welcome to Chatham Home Rentals. These listings are part of the properties of Pilgrim Village, Eider Duck Cottages and Pine Shore Cottages ... all located on Cape Cod in Chatham, Massachusetts. Each home is maintained as part of one of the three properties mentioned above and enjoys the facilities of that complex. These homes are larger and more comfortable for the traveling family.

   All of these houses are rented as single family facilities. Additional families residing together in the same house during a rental period is not permitted. Occasional day trips by friends and extended family members are not objectionable.

   Houses are rented by the week, which starts and ends Saturday.

Check in time: 3PM
Check out time: 10AM

   All cottages listed on this website are available May 19th - October 20th. (Some are available longer.)

  Eider Duck Cottages
  Pilgrim Village Cottages
  Pine Shore Cottages

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